Our Approach

Project mistakes are usually due to miscommunication or lack of communication. That is why Hunter Scott Projects Group has developed an integrative and collaborative approach to project management.

This approach identifies project requirements and risks. It brings all project stakeholders and team members together, with open and constant communication. Clear communication processes efficiently address bottlenecks which decreases wait times for approvals, requests for information or even change requests. Communication is what identifies if there is reporting requirements, a shortage of resources or a late delivery.

Organizations typically focus on budget, schedule and quality, but it is the human resources, stakeholder management and communication aspects that are what keep the budget, schedule and quality on track.

Hunter Scott Projects Group understands that projects are a business decision that will be profitable to the company, but when you take a step back and see the rework or delays caused by miscommunication or no communication, it ultimately effects the bottom line.

HSPG strives to implement this approach for every project so that everyone works together for a common goal and each project is a success.

We work closely with project leads, executive teams and facilities managers to prioritize, plan and execute each project.